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We explore opportunities for regional cooperation and select leading shippers. We work together with neutral regional parties and specialised agencies in logistics. We bring joint corridor development nearby shippers and carriers in their own region.

Our Regional Partners are: Logistics Community Brabant, NewWays Gelderland, NewWays Drenthe, NewWays Zuid-Holland, Liof, Zeeland Connect, Noord West Connect, Multimodaal Vlaanderen and Top Dutch Logistics Off-Road.

Our Expert Partners are: Transport en Logistiek Nederland, Bureau Voorlichting Binnenvaart, Railcargo and KennisDC Logistiek.


We organize security and connectivity for joint corridor development. We promote in-region cooperation and mutual trust between leading shippers and selected high-value carriers. We initiate open dialogues and teamwork for successful joint corridor development.


We enable easy and speedy start-up of new corridors and scale-up of existing corridors. We seamlessly join new shippers and carriers. If appear, we solve showstoppers.

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Joint Corridors

Joint corridor from Tilburg

Joint Corridors all together!

Joint Corridor from Bergen op Zoom

Joint Corridor from Veghel and Cuijk

Enhance Relationships, Topsector Logistics Congres 2016

Joint Corridor thanks to the right planningtool

Kick-Off Lean & Green Off-Road Runners

Building the Network - NewWays Zuid-Holland

Go Off-Road with Lean & Green

Joint Corridor from Vlissingen

Joint Corridor from Gorinchem and Barendrecht

Joint Corridor from Leeuwarden and Emmerich

Joint Corridor Tilburg, The Netherlands - Rzepin, Poland

"Just do it, Go Off-Road"

Joint Corridor Nijmegen - Hull

Joint Corridor Oslo - Roermond

Joint Corridor to Slovakia and Hungary

Joint Corridor Venlo - Chongqing

Joint Corridor to Italy and Turkey

Our partners

Lean & Green Off-Road supports regional collaboration between shippers and carriers to develop joint corridors in regions. Regional action programs are contract partners in these collaboration agreements. Among these neutral parties are provinces, development companies and educational institutes.

National collaboration with the regional action programs moves synchromodal transport closer to shippers and carriers, urging a shared language around the development of joint corridors at a national level. Collaboration between the regions is also stimulated.

WeConnekt app

Our weConnekt app enables easy and speedy connectivity and messaging between shippers and carriers with shared freight sources and destinations. In this way the app discovers opportunities for joint corridor development and helps scaling up existing joint corridors. Simple, fast and again and again.

Download the weConnekt App at To download the App instructies click here!

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Legal Office

Legal Office

Our Legal Office with dedicated lawyers, disclaimers, rules of the game and specific agreements ensures legal security in joint corridor development to every single shipper and carrier. Crystal clear.

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About us

Lean & Green Off-Road is part of Lean & Green Europe and supported by the Top Sector Logistics and Connekt.

The basic principle of Lean & Green Off-Road is that economic and social growth of road transport is only possible if transportation parallelly increases via different modalities ("Off-Road"). This creates space on the road to allow the growth of high-quality road transport and to improve traffic flow and accessibility.

With Lean & Green Off-Road, The Topsector Logistics wants to actively involve shippers and logistics service providers in initiatives for synchromodal transport and to encourage new forms of collaboration.

Jeroen Bolt

Program manager


Frans van den Boomen

Program activator


Caroline Koiter

Relation manager



Remco de Rijke

Zeeland Connect


Sjoerd Sjoerdsma

Noord West Connect


Tom Tillemans

NewWays Gelderland


Peter Lagey

Multimodaal Vlaanderen


Dianne soons



Matthias Olthaar

Newways Drenthe


Leonie van driel

NewWays Gelderland


Frans van den Boomen

NewWays Brabant and Top Dutch Logistics Off-Road


Christiaan van Luik

NewWays Zuid-Holland



Met elkaar, Meer groei, Multimodaal goederenvervoer Joint-Corridors: Buitengewoon betrouwbaar, 400% concurrerend

17 | 02 | 2020
Het traditionele individuele wegtransport wordt door Brabantse verladers en vervoerders steeds vaker ingewisseld voor collectief multimodaal transport op zogeheten Joint Corridors. Read more

Uitbreiding vrachtbundeling binnenvaart in North West Central Corridor

01 | 07 | 2019
De inland terminals CTU in Lelystad, HOV Harlingen en Westerman Multimodal Logistics in Hasselt zijn in juni toegetreden tot de North West Central Corridor. Read more

Lancering e-Joint Corridor: digitaliseren en koppelen vrachtdocumenten op multimodaal transport bespaart tot 20% doorlooptijd

01 | 07 | 2019
Tijdens het LCB JAAREVENT op 13 juni jl., is de allereerste e-Joint Corridor gepresenteerd. Bij de e-Joint Corridor wordt vrachtinformatie over verschillende modaliteiten heen gedigitaliseerd. Read more

Congres Topsector Logistiek: Ga je Off-Road, Off-Modal of sta je Off-Side?

06 | 05 | 2019
Op 16 april jl. vond het Congres van de Topsector Logistiek plaats in de Kuip te Rotterdam. Alle actielijnen presenteerden daar hun behaalde resultaten. Read more